Here you will find all published Research and Case Studies done or funded by KTO.

Online Gaming Market Research and Studies

At KTO we believe that improvement of our industry comes from research into it. That is why we also conduct data-driven research and market trend analysis on Brazilian online games for real money.

Why Do We Give Out Industry Data?

The online gambling industry is a complex system of operators, game studios, payment providers, licensing agencies, regulators and other stakeholders. The only way to make sense of the intricate relations between players, gaming companies and authorities is to analyze their activities and the market trends they define.


With our research papers we want to help all stakeholders within the industry distinguish the products, policies and features that we believe make for a superior gaming experience – one that is both fun and safe.

Brazil has a young and thriving gaming market which follows the latest innovations in the industry. Commercial, social and tech factors help gaming businesses understand what kind of games and betting styles Brazilian players appreciate and why, impacting business decisions and consumer support.


Our studies shed light on market dynamics, presenting data that is relevant to all gambling industry actors. The KTO team provides our own statistics and backs research findings with public data, government sources and online media publications.

What Kind of Research Papers
Do We Publish?

KTO studies cover the most popular casino games and sports betting trends, analyze player tastes and user experience, and bring you insights on gaming studios and payment providers.


Our research also raises awareness on responsible gaming policies, licensing and regulation standards, taxation and legal requirements.
The KTO team believes that being open and transparent about our relationship with players is the best way to serve everyone’s interest!