Exclusive Interview with KTO Group’s CEO: Behind the Brand’s Remarkable Growth

Exclusive Interview with KTO Group’s CEO: Behind the Brand’s Remarkable Growth

Since entering the Brazilian iGaming scene in 2018, KTO Brazil has transformed into one of the most popular brands in the market.

With the dynamic iGaming industry soon to be regulated by the Brazilian government, Andreas Bardun, the founder and CEO of KTO, delves into the key opportunities for cultivating a successful brand in the country in an exclusive interview with iGaming news outlet, iGaming Express.

During the interview, Andreas answers many intriguing questions, including how to overcome challenges faced when initially entering the market. He emphasizes the significance of providing a local and relevant experience to a new demographic:

“When we entered Brazil, we were probably the only company truly committed to delivering Brazilians an authentic iGaming experience. While the European Sportsbook had evolved significantly with special markets, odds boosts, etc., they were all tailored to the European market, neglecting the needs of Brazilian players.”

Additionally, he underscores the discovery of market demand for local support and tailored marketing campaigns:

“If you are in Brazil, you will realize how crucial local football is, and there was a substantial gap in the market. We also placed great emphasis on providing local customer support and marketing in Brazilian Portuguese. Another vital aspect was addressing payments; the biggest pain point in Brazil when we started was payment.”

Throughout the interview, a wealth of information is available, including KTO’s strong relationship with influencer marketing, its entry into the Peruvian market, and the future prospects of the iGaming industry in Brazil once the market is regulated.

If you’d like to read the full interview, you can find it on iGaming Express here.

Andreas CEO of KTO Group