KTO expands its brand into the Midwest of Brazil

KTO expands its brand into the Midwest of Brazil

One of the main pillars of global agribusiness is KTO’s new focus on the Brazilian market.

KTO continues it’s search of new markets in Brazil and now reaches the Midwest region of the country. KTO has chosen the state of Mato Grosso as its next target for expanding the brand, continuing its strategy of a local and regional approach.

“The Midwest is a region that was colonized just over 50 years ago and today it is considered the engine of Brazilian agribusiness, mainly in the production of soy, corn, cotton, and animal protein”, explains Cassio Filter, KTO’s country manager for Brazil.

The marketing campaign has already begun in January this year, which includes regional radio promotions and supporting the local sports scene. Primary focus has been set on the cities of Sorriso, Sinop and Lucas do Rio Verde.

“To introduce KTO to the public in the region, we have created a two-minute radio advert. We are promoting this on the five main radio stations in the three selected cities. After introducing the brand, we will work on consolidating the name KTO. Since sports already have a strong presence in the region, we believe that these actions will be a success”, says Rogério Gobbato, co-owner of the agency with Rodrigo Veiga.

Mato Grosso is the third largest state and has the eighth-highest average income in the country. The region maintains a strong link with the South of Brazil, where its first inhabitants came from and where KTO has already made a big impression.

Mato Grosso