KTO launches its sports lottery: Malandrinha

KTO launches its sports lottery: Malandrinha

One of the most traditional physical betting models on the planet now has a digital version on KTO.com. Named in Brazil as Malandrinha, the modality offers bets from R$ 1 on a multiple combination of games previously defined by the site. During the week, there are 7 games with a prize of R$ 2,500 divided among the winners. On weekends, the prize is R$ 100,000, equally divided among the players who get the result of all 13 games.

“We launched Malandrinha because it is an already established modality around the world. Almost every country has something like that. This makes it possible for KTO to focus on the public that starts using betting sites now and that will feel more comfortable when they find a product with which they are already familiar,” explains Cássio Filter, brand manager for the Brazilian market.

Anyone who accesses the KTO.com website since this Thursday (17), already finds Malandrinha as one of the betting options. “It’s a great gateway for customers who still don’t know how simple it is to play on a betting site,” adds Filter.

The name of the lottery was chosen to reinforce a more popular language related to sports betting and to portray that prize that often “escapes” the player who tries a larger multiple bet and stays for one or two games to win the prize.

Malandrinha joins other great advances of KTO in 2020. In the product part, in addition to the lottery, there was a complete overhaul of the website, improving the players’ experience.

In the marketing area, the company closed an unprecedented partnership model in the Brazilian sports market by creating KTO / Caxias, a basketball club in Rio Grande do Sul that disputes the NBB.

On the global stage, the site has also become official partner for the Asian market of Spain’s football club Espanyol.

Source: Gamebras

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