KTO Supports the Rei da Praia Footvolley Event in Rio Grande do Sul

KTO Supports the Rei da Praia Footvolley Event in Rio Grande do Sul

Once again KTO embraces an event that reveres the Brazilian-founded sport, Footvolley

KTO is a company that is proud to support regional sports-related initiatives and Rei da Praia is an event that highlights this characteristic in two ways. Firstly, because it happens in small cities located on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul. Secondly, because it reveres footvolley – a sport invented in Brazil and that attracts the attention of people all over the world.

“Footvolley is the face of Brazil, and it is accompanied by professional and amateur athletes who share the same passion for the sport. Supporting an event like this, a pioneer in Rio Grande do Sul, reinforces KTO’s position as an unconditional partner of those who promote the most varied sports throughout Brazil ”, says Cassio Filter country manager of the bookmaker.

The Rei da Praia is in its fifth edition and will have 120 pairs participating. The event takes place on six different weekends between February and November this year, with the opener taking place on the 6th and 7th of February in Xangri-la. 

“KTO understands the relevance of footvolley and the passion it evokes in people. At the moment it is still considered an amateur sport. However, with investments, we believe that more and more important athletes will get involved and he will have more demand in the future ”, explains Cassiano Vilar, president of Rei da Praia.

With the event now underway, KTO has continued its involvement with popular Brazilian sport by backing the Beach Tennis tournament, Dufrio Atlântida Open. The event now named “KTO  Dufrio Atlântida Open” will take place on February 26th – 27th.

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